Welcome to Pawarchy, where quality comes first!
Welcome to Pawarchy, where quality comes first!


Custom Collar and Leash Isi&Friends

Unique collars, leashes and accessories for your dog, entirely made in Italy by our craftsmen with Italian raw materials
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Brand: Isi&friends RELC SRL

Isi&friends originates from the passion for dogs and for my Isi, a black Labrador. Therefore the desire to create collars and leashes for our pet friends.

Isi&friends is a leader in the sector, where passion is transferred directly to the high quality of our products. Love for beauty, the ability to innovate, attention to detail, experience in the choice of materials, recognizable by touch, are the elements that characterize us.

I personally study and take care of every Isi&friends creation and each one is made only and exclusively by Italian craftsmen using Italian materials. Elegance and quality will complete the love story between you and your dog, because that is what it’s all about.

Please note:

prices change depending on the materials and products required. Please contact our friendly staff for a specific quote.

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