Welcome to Pawarchy, where quality comes first!
Welcome to Pawarchy, where quality comes first!


Airy Vest Light Green Black

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Brand: Sassbai

The Sassbai range of fully reversible AiryVests are manufactured to high-quality standards in Ukraine. Their appealing and practical design is available in a range of great colours and sizes, from tea cups and toys up to larger breeds, complete with their own carry bag allowing you to pack them neatly when not in use. 

Airy Vest is the world’s lightest dog jacket: weight from 45 g (small size) to 200g (large sizes). It combines unique style and functionality.The two-sided design gives you an additional benefit - you can get two jackets in one. It is an excellent solution for the outdoor activities. AiryVest is a multi-seasonal clothing, suited for cold spring, chilly autumn and winter.


- Ultra light

- Reversible design

- Shower proof comfortable

- Easy to dress up

- Handy Package

​- Excellent Quality

- Multi Seasonal

- Easy to wash

- Refined Design

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